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Cristina has had the great fortune to hone her nerdy craft over the last nine years as the Founder of Accountingprose and CannaComply, and brings her endless enthusiasm for small business to every interaction. When working with her small business clients she can’t help but think in terms of systemization and efficiency and will likely send them a color-coded flowchart as a conversation follow up. Cristina loves helping her clients and employees thrive, which ultimately creates a lasting impact on their local community and economy. She truly views every relationship as a partnership and recognizes that success, true success, is not a zero-sum game.

“ Since using Bryq every hiring choice has been the right one. That may sound like I am exaggerating, but each person who has gone through our rigorous hiring process and has passed has gone on to become an incredibly valuable asset to my (100%) remote team.”

The Challenge

Accountingprose is a small accounting firm that works from multiple locations and has a great business model working with an exceptional remote team. Finding the right person that fits their specific company culture was crucial for the team because, as for any small team, any addition makes a big difference. Any person you add needs to be able to pick up  pace fast and be a contributor. Over the years and as the team was smaller Cristina used a variety of ways to approach the hiring process: “We have had a mishmash of systems and manual processes in the past. It worked while we were super small, but definitely not scalable over time.”

Cristina’s team had a set of unique characteristics that make up her magic sauce – simply looking for people with accounting backgrounds was not the deal for her. In addition, she was very keen on establishing a process that is objective and bias-free. “I was looking for a way to remove personal bias from the hiring process and objectively identify candidates that were a great fit for our open positions, especially those who might not have the right educational or work background but have the right brain and attitude for the job. We are still a small team, but I wanted to be sure that our employee vetting was thorough and fair and I have found – through trial and error – that my employees who don’t come from traditional accounting backgrounds are the best fits over time. You can teach people the theory and skills, but I can’t teach someone to be a creative or systems thinker.”



Ease of use in the steps of the hiring process through integration with an ATS platform was an important factor. Cristina started her search for a tool through the existing integrations offered by Accountingprose’s ATS platform of choice. “We looked at the integrated partners in order to see what we could bring in without a lot of extra steps and manual work,” said Cristina. 

The requirements for the assessment tool that would work best for Accountingprose included: simple concept, easy to understand results and a functional UI design that made sense. “Bryq’s model/concept is very easy to understand and the UI/UX design is elegant and simple. I appreciate how quick it was to set up/implement and incorporate it into the hiring process.  There were some competing products, but many utilized unproven AI approaches and their design was abysmal and somewhat clunky. Their marketing sites all looked like they were built on Geocities- like the original product was built in the 90s and they are trying to make an outdated software work for modern businesses. Pass.” 


Accountingprose is a hands-on team of top performers in a field that relies on data. This means that the  selection of a tool like Bryq, that identifies the right candidates for your company, is not something that can be taken lightly or at face value. Before deciding to add Bryq into the hiring process it was important to make sure that the data would reflect reality and what better way to assess the results than actually putting it to the test with people you already work with and know.  “We had all of our team complete the assessment and it was easy to see our top performers. We already knew who they were, but Bryq validated our hiring decision. So, we knew that if we could dial in what made our current top performers tick, we could identify future top performers easily. That method has worked really well for us and has led us to the right hires. Test Bryq out and see the data for yourself.”


After using Bryq’s 14-day trial and rigorously assessing, stress testing and judging the results Accountingprose used Bryq for the hiring process in order to identify the right candidates for their type of company. Bryq’s job profiles, customization capabilities that allow you to take into consideration your company’s uniqueness and ease of use through the ATS integration made the overall hiring process seem like something simple. “The ATS connection (it is so easy to send invitations right from our current ATS environment) and the ability to create job roles,” were important factors for Cristina’s decision to use Bryq. “It takes a different mind and personality to work in different roles in our company. I like that we can move away from a “one size fits all” approach and hone in on what we are looking for when hiring for each role.” 

And in terms of results? “Since using Bryq every hiring choice has been the right one. That may sound like I am exaggerating, but each person who has gone through our rigorous hiring process and has passed has gone on to become an incredibly valuable asset to my (100%) remote team,” said Cristina. The results of using Bryq? The hiring decisions are based on insight that goes beyond the resume, experience, and personal biases about who is the right fit for the job. “You have also put my mind at ease. I don’t want to second guess my hiring choices and wonder if I let my personal biases filter the wrong employees in or out. I can look at the data and know that I am making choices based on hard data, not fluff. You will find the unicorns you are looking for and not waste time hiring, firing, retraining people who are not the right fit. It will save money, time, and headaches- all of it.” 


Deciding on a tool that promises to enable better and bias-free hiring is something that might be treated with skepticism and come with a whole array of questions. Cristina describes her engagement with the Bryq team: “Your team has taken the time to ask what you are doing right and what can be improved and take action on the feedback. While we are a smaller user, I can tell that you still value our feedback. Your unwavering commitment to excellence. Seriously, it feels like most SaaS companies don’t care.”  


  • Saved valuable time and money (and headaches) in finding the right fit for the job.
  • Defined the right candidate by assessing our company’s DNA.
  • Helped in creating an objective and bias-free process.
  • Easy to set up, understand and integrate into existing processes.