Blind Screening: Building a Diverse and Effective Hiring Process

The phenomenon of discrimination in the workplace had been – and still is –  an issue for most companies worldwide. Could blind screening be a way to mitigate this issue? An alarming 78% of black and ethnic minority employees were sometimes or often excluded from any decision making process. Additionally, hiring discrimination has not declined […]

The Importance of Internal Mobility

Internal mobility is your best bet to get through the Great Resignation.

The last year in the workforce has been anything but predictable. The year started with a tsunami of headlines about ‘The Great Resignation’ and employees leaving their jobs in record numbers. However, the tides quickly turned and companies began laying employees off by the thousands. While both continue to happen, one thing remains clear: internal […]

Personality Assessments – Which One is Right For Your Hiring?

Personality assessments are a great way to measure a candidate's potential - but which is most effective?

There are so many factors we might look into when we are looking at candidates to hire. Resumes, cover letters, and work experience are all typical things hiring managers might look for, but they all lead to bias and provide suboptimal results. It’s why personality assessments have become such a popular tool with hiring managers. […]

Bryq Guide to Holland’s Theory and Holland Codes

Thanks to Holland's theory, Holland codes are able to help both job seekers and employers match people to their perfect roles.

Everybody wants a job that they are both happy and confident doing. There’s a reason we call it a ‘dream job’! What if we told you there was a scientific way to find the perfect job for you? Something called Holland’s theory helps match people to the perfect jobs. While personality assessments like Myers-Briggs are […]

Resume-Screening: Why Resumes Are Unreliable

Leonardo di Vinci wrote the first professional resume in 1482. On a piece of parchment, he listed some of the brilliant inventions he created and spoke about some of his innovative skill sets. Since then, the format of the resume has changed drastically, and so has the way we look over them. In the modern […]

5 Ways Candidates Are Cheating on Online Assessments

Cheaters never prosper…or do they? Studies show that nearly 80% of job candidates lie in some capacity during the hiring process. They might give a fake reference, jazz up their job title, or flat out lie about their job experience. But can they really cheat on an online talent assessment? It depends on the system! […]

5 Examples of Good Work Ethic in Employees

These five examples of good work ethic will help you recognize employees who will go the extra mile for their jobs.

When writing a job description, it’s easy to include “good work ethic” under the wish list of qualities you’re looking for in an applicant. As hiring managers, we are always on the lookout for employees that demonstrate a strong work ethic and take pride in their work. But do we even know what a good […]

20 Perfect Peer Interview Questions to Identify Great Talent

Peer interview questions help find great talent that helps build company culture.

Hiring the perfect candidate for a role is a lot like solving a puzzle. There are many pieces that might seem like a good fit, but is it a match when looking at the big picture? Just because a candidate seems to have the right qualifications doesn’t mean they will mesh with your company culture […]

How Hiring Learning Agile Employees Can Transform Your Company

“The illiterate of the 21st Century are not those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” – Alvin Toffler When it comes to what learning agility actually is, Toffler’s quote nicely sums it up – learning agile individuals are enthusiastic about gaining knowledge and aren’t closed-minded. They realize that […]