Bryq Partners with Recruitee Talent Acquisition Platform

Bryq, a leading talent assessment provider, and Recruitee, a leading European talent acquisition platform, announce their partnership today. Bryq is now available on the Recruitee platform allowing companies to assess candidate “fit” for specific positions through a simple integration in their candidate screening process.

Bryq is a 20-minute assessment that matches candidate cognitive skills and personality traits to specific job requirements in an objective, bias-free process enabling companies to find the right talent for the job. 

“Talent acquisition is a challenging task that relies mostly on a 7-second evaluation of a set of carefully selected keywords.  Resumes alone lead to biased choices and have proven to be a poor indicator of a person’s fit for a position”, said Markellos Diorinos, CEO and co-founder of Bryq. “For recruiters looking to discover hidden talent and optimize the process, Bryq is just the right tool – easy to understand results that, not only match a candidate’s cognitive skills and personality traits to specific roles but also allow for properly structured interviews relevant to the position. We are happy to announce that we are now integrated with Recruitee, one of the leading talent acquisition platforms. Recruitee users can now seamlessly integrate Bryq into the desired stages of their screening and selection process enabling them to find the best talent for the job.”

“Collaborative hiring is at the core of what we’re doing here at Recruitee. Ensuring that a recruitment team, however big or small, can work together with hiring managers to find the right talent for the job”, says Recruitee Founder and CEO, Perry Oostdam. “This is why collaborating with other recruitment tools is essential for us to provide the best experience for hiring teams. We’re so excited to partner with Bryq for this integration, not just because they’re a leading talent assessment tool in the industry, but because they truly understand the value of finding the right talent for your company.”

Contact: Lydia Morazzani

About Bryq

Bryq is a scientifically validated pre-hire assessment that removes bias from the recruiting process and increases hire diversity. By measuring both cognitive skills and personality traits, Bryq matches candidate characteristics with job requirements and ranks candidates based on their match score, making the selection process simpler, faster and more effective. The results are presented in an easy to understand report and can be used to conduct structured interviews. With unlimited candidate testing, companies of any size and industry use Bryq to hire effectively and build diverse teams. Learn more at 

About Recruitee

Recruitee is a leading European talent acquisition platform, designed for recruiters and hiring managers alike.

From our early beginnings, Recruitee has always been custom-built for recruiters. For our product team, this has meant building a tool that is accessible, easy to use, and fit for purpose. All companies should have the tools they need to scale their operations, quickly and comfortably. For recruitment teams, that means having a tool that gives them the power to make the right hires at the right place.

Today, however, teams face an increasing number of barriers to making these hires. That’s why we want our users to be empowered with tools that can help them future-proof their strategy. Using data and analytics, we want to enable recruiters to move beyond immediate hiring plans and get closer to predicting their future hires.

As always, we believe that recruiters have the power to transform their companies by connecting with new talent. Because of this core belief, we’ve created a talent acquisition platform that helps recruitment teams do just that: attract exciting new talent, automate repetitive tasks, and predict future hiring success.

Today, Recruitee is used by teams of all shapes and sizes, globally, including recruitment teams from Vice, Singapore Airlines, Toyota, Scotch&Soda, and Greenpeace. 

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