Bryq Wins the 2022 HR Tech Award for ‘Best DEI-Enabling Solution’

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We are proud to announce that Bryq talent intelligence has just accepted the 2022 HR Tech Award for “Best DEI-Enabling Solution” in their Talent Acquisition category. These awards are powered by Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

According to Lighthouse, more than 5,000 solution providers (and counting!) exist across the HR technology industry. The HR Tech Awards only recognized about 1% of those solutions who solve problems their customers truly care about.

“We see hundreds of HR technologies every year in our research. The systems that won this year’s program represent some of the very best that the industry has to offer,” said Ben Eubanks (Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory). “In addition to examining the actual technology, we look at the company behind the solution, a client case study, and more to fully understand the value that each firm offers. It’s incredible to see the amazing value that employers can get from the right HR technology partner.”

The HR Tech Awards chose Bryq as a top DEI solution in the Talent Acquisition category.

Bryq Talent Intelligence is recognized by HR Experts as a top HR technology solution that fosters diversity


The judging panel of the HR Tech Awards consists of the very best independent contractors, consultants and educations within the industry. With their expertise, each submission is carefully reviewed and goes through a rigorous judging process so that the panel can choose the best HR tech solutions possible.

Ben Eubanks, who also acts as the head of the HR Tech Awards judging panel had the following to say about Bryq’s win:

“Bryq’s case study was incredible. One global customer was able to hire five Bryq-screened individuals to every one hire without using the system while doubling the number of women brought on board. Bryq helps to quickly identify what people can do using validated psychometrics, ignoring gender and other diverse characteristics.”

Bryq is grateful for this award and the recognition by the judging panel

We want to thank the HR Tech Awards, Lighthouse Research & Advisory, Ben Eubanks and the rest of the judging panel, as well as all of our incredible customers and partners for recognizing how Bryq’s talent intelligence is changing the workforce as we know it. All for the greater good of our candidates and employees.

It is an honor to accept this award, and we will continue to help companies foster diversity and eliminate bias in both the hiring process and in talent management decisions everywhere.

To learn more about how Bryq is transforming the workforce, get in touch with our Customer Success Team today! We will show you in real-time how Bryq is able to use objective data and I/O psychology to…

  • eliminate bias within the hiring process
  • promote internal mobility through career pathing
  • grow and cultivate your company culture

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 Please visit the HR Tech Awards homepage for more information about the HR Tech Awards and to see a full list of this year’s winning firms and products.

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