The “Hidden” Cost of Resumes and What You Can Do About It

Human resource costs can be reduced by replacing traditional resume screening with a pre-hiring assessment

Many businesses might not be fully aware of the underlying costs and implications of relying heavily on resumes during the recruitment process. While it’s common for a majority of decision-makers to prioritize resumes as their primary screening tool, this method can not only be costly but also may not yield the most accurate view of […]

How Much a Resume Costs and What You Can Do About It

Resumes are hurting your budget

Despite being a popular screening method, resumes may not be your best option. Various studies show that resumes are not a good predictor of an employee’s performance, plus they could introduce biases in the hiring process.  Given that bad hires could cost up to 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings, have you thought of how […]

Quality of Hire: The KPI That Shapes The Future of Recruiting

In an economy where everyone talks about the threatening skill gap and the major challenge of identifying fitting employees, recruiting has emerged as one of the most essential business functions. The more important recruiting becomes, the more pressure is allocated to HR and recruiting professionals to ensure effective management of recruiting procedures. And since “you […]

Employee Turnover: What, Why and How to Reduce it

  Employee turnover is a common HR issue for companies on a global scale. Employee turnover can lead to many negative outcomes, such as inconsistent departmental performance, increased hiring and onboarding costs, and competitors obtaining quality talent. The good news is, employee turnover can be measured, and subsequently reduced, with the right strategies and tools […]

Calculating cost-per-hire and why it is important

  Any business is an intricate structure comprised of many different components. Having the right set of metrics in place and tracking them over time is instrumental to understanding how a company is performing. Metrics are important as they help to identify strengths and weaknesses within an organization allowing to pinpoint and address issues as […]