3 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Hispanic and Latinx workers and make their voices heard loud and clear.

Hispanic and Latinx culture is colorful, vibrant and warm. Does the way you are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month reflect that? Not only is it a month of celebrating rich cultures and communities – but it’s a month to recognize the positive impact that Hispanic and Latinx employees have made on the workforce and what more […]

Quiet Quitting and 5 Ways to Prevent It From Happening

Quiet quitting is happening - whether it's from low job satisfaction or a lack of career growth.

Everybody seems to be talking about quiet quitting – and they have been anything but quiet about it. It’s the most discussed topic within our community since the Great Resignation. Despite its name, this silent epidemic is loudly making itself known to the workforce. In fact, there are probably employees “quiet quitting” at your workplace […]

Imposter Syndrome: How to Help Employees Battle Self-Doubt

Imposter syndrome affects most employees. Learn ways your company can support employees so that your team's talent can shine.

There’s no doubt about it: imposter syndrome is affecting your workplace. Imposter syndrome affects millions of people every day, making them doubt their natural abilities and talents. Also known as the “imposter phenomenon”, this psychological process leads people to believe that they aren’t truly good enough. They believe that their success isn’t actually real. So […]

Employee Appreciation: Top 10 Ways to Show Appreciation

Our employees literally run our businesses. If it wasn’t for their commitment and hard work, where would our companies be? As employers, we should strive to value and appreciate each and every one of our employees. There are dozens of ways to show employees that you value them, but are they effective? You might show […]

Bryq’s Top 5 Office Resolutions to Start 2022 Off Right

Set realistic office resolutions to enter 2022 on the right foot!

Happy New Year! It’s finally 2022, and we’ve all made our way back to work after enjoying the holidays. With a new year comes new opportunities for us to set goals for ourselves. A new year tradition for many people is to make new year’s resolutions. Whether it’s losing weight or (finally) starting to read […]

‘The Great Resignation’ – 5 Ways to Prevent It at Your Workplace

The Great Resignation has taken place due to the work-life balance and reprioritization the COVID pandemic gave to employees.

The “Great Resignation” is affecting your business. If you’ve logged into LinkedIn within the past several months, you’ve surely seen the Great Resignation headlines. Employees leaving their jobs at record rates. What was once a curious trend being seen throughout the workforce is now a serious problem that doesn’t seem to be going away. The […]

How to Plan a Great Remote Holiday Party

Planning a remote holiday party has its fair share of logistical challenges, but with proper planning they can be a great success!

It’s the holiday season! We are so excited to start celebrating the end of a successful year with our amazing team, and it’s been fun to navigate the challenges of planning a remote holiday party for our remote-first office! It’s easy to get caught up in Christmas. It’s a special time in our lives and […]

The Candidate Experience (and Why It Matters)

The candidate experience is more important than you might think.

The way we treat people matters. As companies, we should make it a point to treat both employees and customers with respect. This leads to things like better employee retention and higher productivity. But should all of our energy be placed here? What about the people applying for roles within our company? These individuals matter […]

Employee Termination Letters: How to Let Go of Employees

Letting go of employees is always hard, but writing an employee termination letter doesn't have to be. Use these templates to help.

Disclaimer: Bryq does not offer legal advice, nor is this blog post a legal document. We strongly encourage you to seek legal counsel from a law professional to learn more about employee termination, and what you might need to do within your own organization. There’s no easy way to terminate an employee. Our employees do […]