The Back-to-School Challenge: How Employers Can Support Working Parents

Working Parent

The start of a new school year is always an exciting time for kids. It’s a fresh beginning filled with new teachers, friends and lessons. But it also means getting ready with the right supplies, saying goodbye to the relaxed days of summer and adjusting to a new daily routine. This routine can be stressful […]

How to Create a Successful Company Culture

Diverse group of professionals applauding and smiling within an office setting.

When you think of the phrase, “company culture,” it might call to mind things like casual Fridays, office parties and happy hours. However, research suggests that company culture is more than these surface-level perks, as it significantly influences various facets of an organization, including hiring practices, productivity levels and turnover rates. According to author James […]

Women’s History Month Bryq Interview Series, Vol 3: Lina Valmas

Welcome back to the Bryq Blog where we shine a light on many of the influential female leaders making waves within our workforce. Featured today in the final installment of this series is Lina Valmas, Bryq’s VP of Customer Success!  To those who know her – it’s no secret that Lina is an expert in […]

Women’s History Month Bryq Interview Series, Vol. 2: Manto Papagianni

Welcome back to the Bryq Blog, where we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month! We are excited to bring you the next installment of our Women’s History Month Interview Series. This week, we sat down with the woman behind the Bryq product herself – Bryq’s Head of Product, Manto Papagianni! Since her arrival, Manto has […]

Women’s History Month Bryq Interview Series, Vol 1: Emily Ely

Bryq prides ourselves on our commitment to the career development of females in the tech industry.  This Women’s History Month, we are pleased to announce our latest interview series, where we sit down with some of Bryq’s fantastic female leadership to talk to them about what it’s like to be a woman in the workforce. […]

Forging Leaders – 5 Ways to Invest in Company Leadership

Company leaders are important. Here are five great ways to invest in company leadership. Corporate leadership is incredibly important in 2023.

Leadership decides whether a company will succeed. Leaders are the brains behind every operation and are responsible for guiding and mentoring their teams. Because of that, their impact is even more extreme during times of uncertainty. Managers must be equipped with the skills they need to lead. Entire workforces look to higher-ups for guidance. So […]

3 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Hispanic and Latinx workers and make their voices heard loud and clear.

Hispanic and Latinx culture is colorful, vibrant and warm. Does the way you are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month reflect that? Not only is it a month of celebrating rich cultures and communities – but it’s a month to recognize the positive impact that Hispanic and Latinx employees have made on the workforce and what more […]