3 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Hispanic and Latinx workers and make their voices heard loud and clear.

Hispanic and Latinx culture is colorful, vibrant and warm. Does the way you are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month reflect that? Not only is it a month of celebrating rich cultures and communities – but it’s a month to recognize the positive impact that Hispanic and Latinx employees have made on the workforce and what more […]

Blind Screening: Building a Diverse and Effective Hiring Process

The phenomenon of discrimination in the workplace had been – and still is –  an issue for most companies worldwide. Could blind screening be a way to mitigate this issue? An alarming 78% of black and ethnic minority employees were sometimes or often excluded from any decision making process. Additionally, hiring discrimination has not declined […]

Bryq’s New Code of Conduct: A Template for More Inclusive Policies

Bryq has updated its code of conduct to make it more inclusive. We want to help other companies draft better inclusion policies.

Bryq is all about eliminating bias. It’s what we do! Our talent assessment software makes it so that companies hire without judgment or bias. This is great for diversity and inclusion efforts, but what happens after you’ve made these new hires? Is your company protecting the rights of these diverse employees? You might think that […]

How to Plan a Great Remote Holiday Party

Planning a remote holiday party has its fair share of logistical challenges, but with proper planning they can be a great success!

It’s the holiday season! We are so excited to start celebrating the end of a successful year with our amazing team, and it’s been fun to navigate the challenges of planning a remote holiday party for our remote-first office! It’s easy to get caught up in Christmas. It’s a special time in our lives and […]

Tokenism and 5 Ways to Avoid It in Your DEI Efforts

Tokenism is dangerous to your diversity efforts and your culture. Prevent it from happening with proper DEI efforts.

We all know that diversity is great for our organizations. Having a diverse team leads to higher levels of innovation, more productivity, and happier employees. It’s a ripple effect that ultimately leads to higher employee retention and bigger profit margins. It’s a win-win for everybody involved! But is there a wrong way to go about […]

Bryq’s Pride Guide to Encouraging Authenticity in the Workplace

This is Bryq's Pride Guide to Encouraging Authenticity in the Workplace for LGBTQ WorkersAuthenticity in

It’s June – which means it’s officially Pride Month! While it’s great to acknowledge our LGBTQ employees this month, it’s even more important to recognize the many obstacles they continue to overcome on a daily basis. Now is just as important as ever to be loud, be proud, and act as allies to the LGBTQ […]

“Is Generation Z for Me?” – Why Gen Z is the Key to Hiring Success

Generation Z is the most diverse generation of workers.

It’s easy for hiring managers to look over young Generation Z talent. After all, many of these candidates might be the same age as your children. It’s hard to not think about your own son and daughter and think “Are they really ready for this?” Don’t let age bias stop you from extending an offer […]

Your workforce may be #diversified, but do they feel #included?

Companies around the world are prioritizing the health and safety of their employees because of coronavirus. During this time many employers are now fully transitioning from in-person interviews to virtual ones. Some organizations had already started to implement virtual interviews, but there are also many who have had to immediately adapt to this transition. By conducting virtual interviews it ensures your hiring efforts are not inflicted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

Why Have Diversity in The Workplace?

Achieving diversity in the workplace is vital to the success of your company. It can lead to many positive outcomes. But how do you go about it? Keep reading to find out.

Top 3 ways to increase diversity in your company

    Diversity in the workplace is a growing trend and there are many reasons why. However, as prevalent as diversity has become in business jargon, it’s not always as easy to shift to diverse hiring practices as we hope it can be. In fact, one study conducted by SHRM revealed that 41 percent of Fortune 1000 […]