Great Resignation: How Bryq Can Help You Beat the ‘Big Quit’

The Great Resignation has been tough on companies everywhere, but Bryq can help you avoid the Big Quit.

As we enter 2022, “The Great Resignation” is still something that’s on everybody’s minds. Millions of people continue to quit their jobs monthly and in record numbers. There are over a million and a half job vacancies and employers are panicking trying to fill them.  An air of uncertainty lies ahead of us going into the new year, but there are things you can do to avoid the “Big Quit” from happening at your workplace.

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog about what the “Great Resignation” is and gave you five ways to avoid it. But did you know that Bryq can be used as a valuable tool to combat the Great Resignation too? That’s right! Bryq doesn’t just help eliminate bias throughout the hiring process. Our talent intelligence platform helps you make better talent management decisions throughout the employee lifecycle.

In the blog, we review some of the key touchpoints in preventing the Great Resignation from happening at your company and fill you in on how exactly Bryq helps you do it.

Bryq: Your Best Friend in Fighting the Great Resignation!

Every great superhero has a sidekick. Batman has Robin, Wonder Woman has Wonder Girl, and you have us! At Bryq, we don’t want any of the glory. We just want to help you kick the Great Resignation to the curb because we know we can help you do it. Below are some of the best ways you can keep your employees from leaving and how exactly Bryq comes into play.

The Great Resignation is being caused by many things.

While the reasons employees are leaving their jobs at record rates are clear, the reasons they are leaving your company might not be. Bryq can help you discover and fix many of your root problems in order to prevent your employees from leaving before they even begin to think about it.

Focus on Internal Mobility

Bryq’s 2021 EEOC survey research shows that wanting opportunities for advancement and growth is the main reason employees are leaving their jobs and looking elsewhere. Upward mobility is going to continue to be important for employees going into the new year. That’s why it’s crucial for your company to create clear pathways for employees to continue their career development.

You can do this by putting an emphasis on internal mobility and career development. Create pathways and opportunities for your employees to grow and learn so that they can be better versions of themselves. This might look like making employees aware of new opportunities, creating mentorship and training programs, and funding outside certifications or degrees. Additionally, hiring internally offers a slew of benefits for you as the employer, including over 40% higher employee retention, higher employee engagement, and lower hiring costs.

Internal mobility is one of the best ways to combat the Great Resignation, so make sure you do it right with Bryq. Our assessments, built upon psychometric data by our team of I/O psychologists, are able to identify whether or not somebody is the right fit for a particular job role. Bryq presents you with data based on an assessment-taker’s personality traits and cognitive ability that allows you to make internal hiring decisions. If a talented employee is underperforming, you can assess them and see whether or not they would be a good fit for a different role in your company. Likewise, our assessments can be used to see whether or not an existing employee is a good fit for a higher position that might be available.

By focusing on upward mobility and giving your employees the opportunity to grow and climb the corporate ladder at your company, you are really helping to retain your employees.

Discover (and Fix) Your Root Problems

There’s no doubt that employees are leaving their companies. It seems like every news article has a different reason as to why this is happening. The Great Resignation is being blamed on everything from remote work to work-life balance to unfair salaries. In reality, all of these are factors when considering why this is happening. While the reasons employees are leaving their companies are clear, the reason why they are leaving your company might not be.

Beat the Big Quit! Bryq can help you combat the effects of the Great Resignation.

Whether it’s discovering root problems or further investigating existing issues, Bryq can help you make some seriously great talent management decisions so you can fix them not just for the moment, but for good.

Culture Clash to Culture Alignment

Do you think you might have a culture problem? If so, Bryq is able to tell you exactly what your culture looks like through our Culture Indicator. Our assessments tell you whether or not your employees share similar values and beliefs to those of your company. Once provided with your company’s “Culture Pillars”, we are able to see whether or not your employees align with those. Not only can we check for cultural alignment, but we can also see where your company’s culture is lacking. This allows you the opportunity to hire for “culture add” rather than “culture fit”. Culture remains one of the most important aspects of an employee’s decision to stay with a company. Prioritizing culture will help you to build a better foundation for keeping employees happy.

Identifying Management Monsters

Another reason why employees are leaving their jobs simply comes down to poor management. Research shows that companies fail to hire the right talent to fill management positions over 80% of the time! It’s easy to see why so many employees don’t like their bosses and feel the need to leave their roles. Luckily, Bryq can help you get your management decisions right.

Our Bryq indicators can help you to recognize managerial qualities in your employees. The first step is to figure out what qualities you would use to describe a great manager. Should they be a great leader? Bryq is able to recognize leadership potential in assessment-takers. Should a leader be emotionally intelligent? We can check to see how in touch people are with this side of themselves. Perhaps a manager should be resilient? Good news – we can check for that as well. With Bryq talent intelligence, we can help you recognize incredible managers without any of the guesswork. 

Rally Behind Remote Work

Of course, one of the biggest topics of interest surrounding the Great Resignation is remote work. The COVID-19 pandemic presented a unique challenge that forced companies to operate remotely. It was a new way of working for many despite remote work gradually becoming more commonplace within the workforce. Once workers navigated the obstacles that come with remote work, they realized how great it was. They no longer had to commute to work and realized it offered great work-life balance and flexibility. Employers also saw increases in productivity levels and employee satisfaction. It was a win-win.

Despite these employer benefits, employees are beginning to trickle back into their offices – and it’s causing many to leave their roles for remote ones. Moving forward into 2022, businesses will have no choice to adapt. Of course, not every employee is suited to work remotely, but Bryq is able to help identify those that are through our Remote Work Indicator. By gauging cognitive skills like self-efficacy and communication, we allow you to see who is cut out to work from home. If you’re looking to build a remote-first office, Bryq helps you build a solid foundation of productive remote workers.

Unearth Hidden Global Talent

We all have hidden talents. Many of us have skills that surprise even our closest friends. It’s easy for somebody like a manager to either overlook those talents or not notice them. Frankly, employees might not even know exactly what they are capable of! The Great Resignation has made it clear that people no longer want to follow linear career paths. With Bryq, we are able to identify an employee’s strengths and weaknesses through scientific data, allowing them to be placed into job positions they will truly thrive in. We help you utilize your employees’ talent in the best way possible while helping them to continue to learn and discover new things about themselves every day.

The Bryq assessment is available in nine different languages, and we continue to add more as we grow. Our technology allows you to branch out to a global candidate pool to find the very best talent not only in your local talent pool but around the world. Discovering talent has never been more exciting.

Beat the ‘Big Quit’ With Bryq

The Great Resignation will come and go, but many of the huge changes companies are making will likely stick around. We have entered a new era of the workforce where employee rights rule. If your company doesn’t adapt to the new global environment of the workplace, it may very well crumble. With the Bryq Talent Intelligence platform, you can assess both job candidates and existing employees in order to create a database of employee information based on psychological and scientific data. By using this data, you will be able to see where your company’s shortcomings are and can create stronger teams made of happier, dedicated employees.

Make the changes you need to make today and create a new foundation with Bryq. Book a demo with our Customer Success Team today! We can’t wait to help you with your employee retention and talent management decisions!

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