3 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Hispanic and Latinx workers and make their voices heard loud and clear.

Hispanic and Latinx culture is colorful, vibrant and warm. Does the way you are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month reflect that? Not only is it a month of celebrating rich cultures and communities – but it’s a month to recognize the positive impact that Hispanic and Latinx employees have made on the workforce and what more we can be doing to make their voices loudly heard.

With Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) underway our team at Bryq has compiled a 3-step guide with ways companies can join in on the festivities both inside and outside of work!

What Is Hispanic Heritage Month? And Why Is It Important? 

Hispanic Heritage Month began in 1968 as a week-long celebration dedicated to those who trace their roots back to Spain and Latin America. The week-long event was lengthened to a full 30 days in 1988. It now takes place annually from September 15 to October 15. Its September 15 start date is significant because it recognizes the day Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua first claimed their independence from Spain. Additionally, Mexico and Chile also celebrate the start of their independence on September 16 and September 18. 

With nearly 20% of Americans identifying as Latinx or Hispanic, this month-long celebration is one of significant importance. Latinx and Hispanic-Americans make up the U.S’s largest racial and ethnic minority group, and this commemoration was designed to honor the history, culture and societal impact of their communities. Celebrating HHM within the workplace is a great opportunity to embrace diversity while showing appreciation to Latinx and Hispanic employees.

We have conducted our own research here at Bryq. Based on the survey results of over 25,000 workers, we have discovered many disparities between the needs and wants of workers of different races. For example, our studies show that Hispanic workers seek better advancement opportunities nearly 10% more than white workers do and that Hispanic workers are 22% more likely to prioritize a better work-life balance compared to white workers when looking for a new role. Understanding what more needs to be done for Hispanic and Latinx employees is the first and most important step towards celebrating them.

3 Ways To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

It goes without saying that recognizing Hispanic and Latinx employees is important. While this should be done all throughout the year, Hispanic Heritage Month allows us to really focus in on how important the contributions of Hispanic and Latinx employees are to the workforce and what we could be doing as employers to celebrate and elevate them higher in their careers. Here are three great ways to celebrate both the month and your employees during HHM!

Educate and Inform 

The first step to a proper celebration is informing your workforce on the existence of Hispanic Heritage Month and inviting all to join the festivities. Here are a few ways to spread the news, build excitement and raise awareness of HHM within the workplace!

  • Utilize upper management to inform departments about the commencement of HHM and the ways your company plans to celebrate.
  • Declare the start of HHM within your company newsletter under a section dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Include resources like podcasts, books, artwork and docuseries on the history and importance of HHM within the announcement.
  • Host a HHM kickoff event and invite DEI consultants and community leaders as paid guest speakers. This serves as a welcoming and informative way to begin the month. 


Host A Range of Activities 

When recognizing special holidays or traditions, the act of celebrating can look and feel different for each individual involved. With this in mind, we’ve arranged a list of activities your organization can use as a starting point when planning its HHM festivities: 

  • Commission Latinx and Hispanic graphic designers to create custom Zoom backgrounds and LinkedIn banners. This provides a decorative way your employees can raise awareness for, and participate in HHM. 
  • Partner with your Employee Resource Group (ERG) to host a HHM-centered book club.
  • Host a company-catered lunch provided by local, Latinx-owned and operated restaurants. It’s a great way to celebrate the diversity of Latinx and Hispanic cuisines while investing in the community.
  • Organize a Flag Day spirit day for a fun way for Latinx and Hispanic employees to show pride in their heritage. 
  • Give out employee care packages made of gifts from Hispanic-owned businesses to show a bit of extra appreciation for Latinx and Hispanic employees.


Human Resource Tip:

While all are invited to join in on the fun, it’s important to ensure that all celebrations foster an environment of shared respect, connection and empathy. Prior to hosting festivities, ask external DEI professionals or your company’s own Chief Diversity Officer for their input and opinion. Your organization can utilize their expertise to inform your workforce on the difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation when celebrating.


Invest In the Hispanic Community & DEI Hiring

Perhaps the most impactful way your organization can show its commitment to the Hispanic community is by dedicating itself to its uplift. Your organization can do so by investing in the Hispanic community not only throughout HHM, but beyond. Below we’ve provided some actionable ways your company can get involved.

  • Dedicate a day off to volunteering within your local Hispanic community.
  • Partner with your ERG to vote on and choose non-profits for annual company donations.
  • Offer paid internships catered specifically towards students within the Hispanic community.
  • Practice diverse hiring practices and upskill for increased representation from entry level employees to company executives.
  • Review for bias within your hiring process. Fully assess your hiring practices to see where prejudice and bias might be slipping through the cracks. Additionally, use hiring tools that will promote diversity and eliminate bias through things like anonymization and objective screening.


Make Every Month Hispanic Heritage Month

While it is true that Hispanic Heritage Month only lasts thirty days – there’s no need for the celebrations to stop there. As businesses, it is our duty to continually invest in the uplift and well-being of our employees. We recommend that your company takes many of these campaigns and makes them a permanent part of its DEI strategy. Projects such as dedicated days off for volunteering, employing diverse hiring practices, or even a DEI-dedicated newsletter truly go a long way. It’s an organization’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion that breeds an environment where employees feel that they belong.

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