Top Human Resource Strategies for 2023

Bring stability to your 2023 talent management process by utilizing these human resource strategies.

It’s safe to say that 2022 was an unprecedented year. The rise of new technology, record-breaking lay-offs, and a worldwide recession are just a few of the obstacles businesses faced in the last 12 months. All of these have had an immense impact on the way we live and work. Experts predict that these events […]

Quiet Quitting and 5 Ways to Prevent It From Happening

Quiet quitting is happening - whether it's from low job satisfaction or a lack of career growth.

Everybody seems to be talking about quiet quitting – and they have been anything but quiet about it. It’s the most discussed topic within our community since the Great Resignation. Despite its name, this silent epidemic is loudly making itself known to the workforce. In fact, there are probably employees “quiet quitting” at your workplace […]

The Hiring Freeze – What is Happening? And What Can We Do?

The hiring freeze is resulting in layoffs and hiring pauses throughout the tech industry and beyond.

Oh, so you thought the workforce couldn’t get any more chaotic than it already was? Think again. A handful of big tech companies have announced huge layoffs this month. Thousands of employees are being left without jobs, and companies are slowing down hiring initiatives. This “hiring freeze” is causing panic within many industries – especially […]

Great Resignation: How Bryq Can Help You Beat the ‘Big Quit’

The Great Resignation has been tough on companies everywhere, but Bryq can help you avoid the Big Quit.

As we enter 2022, “The Great Resignation” is still something that’s on everybody’s minds. Millions of people continue to quit their jobs monthly and in record numbers. There are over a million and a half job vacancies and employers are panicking trying to fill them.  An air of uncertainty lies ahead of us going into […]

‘The Great Resignation’ – 5 Ways to Prevent It at Your Workplace

The Great Resignation has taken place due to the work-life balance and reprioritization the COVID pandemic gave to employees.

The “Great Resignation” is affecting your business. If you’ve logged into LinkedIn within the past several months, you’ve surely seen the Great Resignation headlines. Employees leaving their jobs at record rates. What was once a curious trend being seen throughout the workforce is now a serious problem that doesn’t seem to be going away. The […]

Are TikTok Resumes the Future of Hiring?

TikTok, TikTok…time’s up! The future of hiring is here – and it’s coming from one of today’s most influential social media companies. Is your company ready for it? Social media giant TikTok has recently launched “TikTok Resumes”. The new platform is a pilot program dedicated to helping TikTok users expand their careers via video resumes. […]

6 Easy recruitment marketing strategies to improve hiring

Recruitment is like its own form of marketing. It’s all about promoting your brand and your services to potential clients and applicants. That’s right, it’s not only about getting clients. Making great talent aware of your job openings is just as important. All the best recruiters know that to attract the right talent, they need to develop some solid recruitment marketing strategies.

Social Media Recruiting: Tips to enhance you hiring process

Social media recruitment refers to the process where candidates are sourced from social media. This is often done through talent databases or job ads. You can engage, attract, and hire candidates via their social networks.

Rather than using traditional hiring methods, with social media, you can reach thousands of people. Many recruiters have started to recruit with social media and never looked back.