The Brainfood Marathon

The Brainfood Marathon e-book In response to the changes in the HR industry caused by COVID-19 Recruiting Brainfood’s Hung Lee responded with the Brainfood Marathon pulling together the global recruiting & HR community, in a single day, to connect those who needed help with those who were offering help. Responding to the crisis, Bryq offered […]


Pre-Employment Assessment tools for different hiring requirements Navigating the pre-employment assessments market is tricky. Most company websites don’t really tell you what they actually do. So ThriveMap did the research and compiled a list of pre-employment assessment types and vendors to help you find the right provider. While Bryq is the ideal assessment for screening […]

Speaker Agenda Podcast

The Best Candidate Assessment for making Top Hires Bryq’s CEO Markellos Diorinos discusses with Jeff Weidner about what is it that makes Bryq the top candidate assessment.

Mettl blog

How AI-based HR Chatbots are Simplifying Pre-screening Bryq’s CEO Markellos Diorinos says “combining big data methods with proven scientific methods will be the next wave before AI algorithms are mature enough to offer viable solutions”

Academy to Innovate HR

Bryq named as top pre-employment assessment tool Bryq is included in AIHR’s list of top pre-employment assessment tools.


… Products Being Officially Unveiled at Next Week’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition Bryq unveils the new 20-minute standard edition of its assessment at HR Tech 2019.