Bryq Wins the 2022 HR Tech Award for ‘Best DEI-Enabling Solution’

It’s just another Bryq in the wall! We are proud to announce that Bryq talent intelligence has just accepted the 2022 HR Tech Award for “Best DEI-Enabling Solution” in their Talent Acquisition category. These awards are powered by Lighthouse Research & Advisory. According to Lighthouse, more than 5,000 solution providers (and counting!) exist across the […]

Bryq Included in Fosway 9-Grid™ For Talent Acquisition

Bryq has been recognized as a Potential Challenger the 2022 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition

Bryq is proud to announce that we have entered the 2022 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition for the first time with “Potential Challenger” status! This ranking follows two years of exceptional results with customers that have led to record growth for our company. Bryq is processing upwards of 100,000 candidates for our customers who are […]

The Ethics of AI in Recruiting – Bryq & Recruiting Brainfood

The Ethics of AI in Recruiting

Is using AI in the Recruiting and Hiring processes ethical? Over the past decade, the use of Artificial Intelligence in the HR space has skyrocketed – mostly for the main reason of implementing more diversity into the hiring process. But, with all new technology, there’s a period of trial and error to find the best […]

How To Hire More Women Engineers – Bryq & Recruiting Brainfood

How to hire more women engineers

How do we hire more women engineers? Wondering how your company can make a conscious effort to hire more female engineers and developers? Check out this episode of Brainfood Live on Air as Bryq’s CEO Markellos Diorinos and experts in tech recruiting discuss how to increase the percentage of women engineers in the current workforce. […]

Retail Connected Presents: Forging the Future of Disruption ft. Bryq CEO Markellos Diorinos

Join us as Bryq’s CEO Markellos Diorinos speaks at this year’s Retail Connected Conference on April 27th, to discuss Forging the Future of Disruption with a panel of innovation leaders. Description: We’re asking three businesses who are disrupting age-old concepts, what disruption means for them, and why it is so fundamentally important to continue innovating […]

Tech Hiring Conference: Why Talent Intelligence is Important for You, Today

How can Talent Intelligence help your hiring and talent management strategies? Think Talent Intelligence is only used for hiring? Think again! Watch as Bryq’s Alyssa Clementi explains to the Landing.Jobs Community why Talent Intelligence matters for hiring, talent management, and creating your most productive workforce. Bryq enables employers to find their ideal talent by assessing […]

Coronavirus exposed bias in hiring and one startup wants to change it

The pandemic exposed the bias of face-to-face recruitment, and spurred companies on to look for alternatives. BY FREYA PRATTY 18 SEPTEMBER 2020 Supposedly, the first CV we have on record belonged to the painter Leonardo da Vinci. And, according to recruitment platform Bryq, hiring hasn’t changed much in the 500 years since. Bryq, a startup based in […]


The platform that matches candidates to positions Bryq’s CEO Markellos Diorinos explains the origins of Bryq and how companies can use Bryq to match candidates to job openings, finding the right talent for every job. [Intreview in Greek] Η πλατφόρμα που «ταιριάζει» εργαζόμενο με συγκεκριμένη θέση επιχειρήσεων «Οι επιχειρήσεις είναι οι άνθρωποι που τις απαρτίζουν» […]