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The Ethics of AI in Recruiting

Is using AI in the Recruiting and Hiring processes ethical?

Over the past decade, the use of Artificial Intelligence in the HR space has skyrocketed – mostly for the main reason of implementing more diversity into the hiring process. But, with all new technology, there’s a period of trial and error to find the best results – especially when it comes to using AI to reduce bias in recruiting. In this episode of Brainfood Live on Air, Bryq CEO Markellos Diorinos joins Hung Lee and other experts in the HR space to discuss the pros and cons of using AI to help simplify the hiring process.

Since becoming a popular tool for hiring managers and recruiters alike, 35% of HR professionals say that AI is the top trend impacting how they hire. Additionally, recruiters went on to say that using AI in their daily tasks has helped mainly with Sourcing Candidates (58%), Screening Candidates (56%) and Nurturing Candidates (55%). So, where does the good of AI end and the bad begin? Watch below to find out!

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