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Top 20 Inspirational Human Resources Quotes

Top 20 Inspirational Human Resources Quotes

We could all do with a little extra motivation every now and then, but especially those of us who work in the challenging field of management or human resources. In these positions, you are under a tremendous amount of pressure to be a good manager, hire the right people, or help your organization to succeed.

One thing that many people find helpful is to gain inspiration from quotes. Read about how others pick themselves up and keep going when they are having a rough day, and you may be inspired to do the same.

If you need a push in the right direction, human resources quotes may give you that help you need.

Top 20 Inspirational Human Resources Quotes

“Time spent on hiring is time well spent.” – Robert Half

This is one of the most accurate human resources quotes you will find. If you currently feel like you spend more time on hiring than anything else, remember that the investment is worth it. Hire a fantastic employee, and that time spent is not lost time.

“Children imitate their parents, employees their managers.” – Amit Kalantri

You may have noticed that as a leader, your mood affects those around you. Similarly, your actions will be copied by your team members. If you don’t finish deadlines on time, neither will they.

“Without the right succession planning put to play in human resources, we build for the future without a future.” – Mmanti Umoh

Many managers don’t make time to think about succession planning. However, you need to build towards the future you want, or there will be none for your company.

“The wealth of time is the only wealth that is more valuable than human resources” – Sunday Adelaja 

Remember to use your time wisely, both at work and in your personal life. Spend more time on the areas where you can add the most value.

“The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area.” – Bill Gates 

This is one of the most well-known human resources quotes, likely because it was Bill Gates who said it. But he was quite right – you only need to look at the flexibility offered by some of the top fortune 500 companies to see why they are so successful.

“Any idiot can point out a problem… A leader is willing to do something about it! Leaders solve problems!” – Tony Robbins

If you are currently seeing issues in your organization, what are you doing to solve them? Don’t just read these human resources quotes – let them inspire you to brainstorm solutions.

“If you’re good to your staff when things are going well, they’ll rally when times go bad.”  – Mary Kay Ash

Do you think about how you treat your staff? Why not give people an afternoon off when things are going well as you don’t need them in the office. This can help to build up their support of you, as it is when things go wrong that you really rely on your team.

“Every good conversation starts with listening.” – Tom Haak

If you don’t listen, you cannot understand. If you want to better understand your team and their issues, listening better is a great first step.

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” – Epictetus

The above two human resources quotes are quite similar because the point bears repeating. Focusing more on listening than speaking will help you to discover volumes about your business and staff that you never noticed before.

“Employees engage with employers and brands when they’re treated as humans.” – Meghan Biro

There is no doubt that some businesses treat their people as expendable. Treat your staff as people who are an asset to your brand because they are.

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” – Booker T. Washington

If you are having a rough day in the office, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to make someone else feel good. Offer a verbal expression of gratitude to your staff and see your own mood lift.

“If you think hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring amateurs.” – Unknown

A question that is asked time and time again by human resources departments is how they can cut down the cost of hire. One of the best ways is to hire someone excellent the first time; even if they ask for more money, it will be worth it.

“You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life.” – Renee West

Even with all the knowledge in the world, if you cannot get your team on board with your vision, you won’t be successful.

“If you have nothing to say, say nothing” – Mark Twain

Many people open their mouths to speak despite having nothing interesting to add – we’ve all heard others do it. If you don’t have any insights, simply remain quiet.

“In most cases, being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.”  – Tina Fey

This is one of the most useful human resources quotes you will likely ever read. It’s so true that managers often get in the way of their staff doing well; don’t be that manager.

“You’re not just recruiting employees, but are sowing the seeds of your reputation.” – Unknown 

It is crucial how you behave during the recruitment process. Every person you don’t hire will still have something to say about your company. Think about what you want them to say, and act accordingly.

“Hire for passion and intensity; there is training for everything.” – Nolan Bushnell

You could hire someone with all the skills in the world, but if they aren’t motivated to use them, that person is of no use to you. Hire someone who is passionate about the role over someone with more skills every time.

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.” – Julie Bevacqua

You cannot just give your employees a raise and expect them to be happier. Different things matter to different people; extra time to spend with their families could make your staff more satisfied than extra salary ever could.

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t have to.” – Sir Richard Branson

Many organizations are scared of investing in upskilling staff because they are worried these people will leave. However, it is up to you to treat your people well enough that they won’t be tempted by another job.

“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.” – Doug Conant

You cannot dominate your industry without developing a positive and supportive company culture. Once you have achieved that, you can go on to do well in the marketplace.

Hopefully, these human resources quotes have inspired you to get out there and lead your team, recruit better, or do whatever needs to be done. Get out there and take action!

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