Top Human Resource Strategies for 2023

Bring stability to your 2023 talent management process by utilizing these human resource strategies.

It’s safe to say that 2022 was an unprecedented year. The rise of new technology, record-breaking lay-offs, and a worldwide recession are just a few of the obstacles businesses faced in the last 12 months. All of these have had an immense impact on the way we live and work. Experts predict that these events will bring lasting change to the world of work and human resources (HR) in 2023. 

Throughout 2023, movements like the fight for increased representation, fair compensation, and flexible work models are expected to remain. At the same time, new human resource trends are emerging in reaction to the current state of work. When planning for the year ahead, it’s important to reflect on what took place in 2022 to prepare for what’s to come. With this in mind, Bryq has put together some of the top HR strategies companies should utilize for a successful 2023.

1. Prioritize the Employee Experience

Employees are the building blocks of every business. (You might even say they’re the “bryqs” of a solid foundation!) Their workplace experience not only impacts the success of their teams but the success of their companies as a whole.

When workers’ needs go unmet – top talent won’t hesitate to seek employment elsewhere. A Gartner study reports low compensation, a lack of development opportunities, and unclear career paths as top causes for attrition in 2022.

Another study highlights a lack of interpersonal connections and belonging as the primary reasons employees leave their jobs. It claims that above all employees seek three things: to be “valued by their organization, valued by their manager, and to feel a sense of belonging.”

With this in mind, improving the employee experience is easier than you think. In 2023, human resource departments can make it a priority by building a culture of employee appreciation while actively supporting the growth and development of their workforce. 

2. Invest in Leadership 

It’s no secret a manager can make or break an employee’s motivation within a job role. Therefore manager’s impact and leadership potential, or lack thereof, shouldn’t be overlooked. This ties directly into the employee experience. 

According to a Gallup report, “managers account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement levels.” Making workplace leaders the single most influential factor in employee engagement and performance at work. 

Additional research shows that nearly 50% of managers report having never received enough leadership training for success in their job roles. Combine this with drastic changes that impact how and where we work, and managers around the globe are having their leadership skills put to the test. Now more than ever, managers need to guide, communicate, and motivate employees across non-traditional teams. This shift in the way we work calls for a newfound investment in company leadership.

3. Rethink Your 2023 Hiring Strategy

Three years later, the workforce is still feeling the lingering side effects of the COVID pandemic. What used to work for our hiring and HR strategies no longer applies. Talent shortages and workplace attrition are at an all-time high. The world of recruiting is facing a new normal – and it’s up to us to keep up.

According to a recent Gartner survey, 36% of HR specialists report that their current hiring strategy fails to find candidates with the skills they seek. But we don’t need to accept failure.

Transforming your hiring process will take creativity. We must think outside the box to tap into a new talent pool. Industry experts at McKinsey state the key is to transform “the great attrition” into “the great attraction.” Companies should set their sights on attracting top talent just as much as they work to recruit it.  

Knowing who you are as a company helps. Brand mission, purpose, and company culture have never been as important as they are in 2023. They are likely to be the deciding factor between high-quality candidates choosing your job offer over another.

When economic hardship hits as it did in 2022, it’s not uncommon for companies to prioritize their profits over their people. This leads to layoffs similar to the record-breaking ones we witnessed last year. But laying employees off isn’t the answer. Companies need to invest in the internal mobility of their employees instead to best navigate through tough economic times.

4. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Make Data-Driven Talent Management Decisions

One of the biggest human resource trends that will continue to gain in popularity in 2023 will be using artificial intelligence (AI) tools within the talent management process.

Whether you are using AI to scan resumes or assess candidates based on personality or cognitive skills, artificial intelligence has become something that nearly every Fortune 500 company is utilizing.

But not all AI is created equal. Good tools use objective data to help companies make faster and stronger decisions. Other tools hinder workplace diversity and use unreliable subjective “data” to make uninformed decisions. Going into 2023, companies will continue to use AI to help them hire and promote talent at a record pace.

However, new laws stopping employers from using biased AI tools are popping up throughout the world. New York City is implementing a new AI bias law that will ensure that companies are auditing the AI tools they use. The EU will also be implementing its own similar laws in the new year. Those who fail to comply with these new laws will experience hefty fines, so make sure that your company is using approved AI tools is key to a successful 2023.

2023 Workplace Trends – Looking at The Year Ahead

While some parts of the future of the workforce remain uncertain, others are crystal clear. Cutting costs while keeping employees happy (and employed) will remain an important goal for companies to achieve in 2023. By investing in leadership and using proven AI tools like Bryq to help your company make objective talent management decisions, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your 2023 goals.

We at Bryq wish you a happy and healthy new year. To learn more about how Bryq can help you make 2023 your most successful year yet, book a demo with our team today.

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