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Bryq Talent Intelligence

Bryq Talent Intelligence

Say hello to the Future of Work

Your  company takes data-supported decisions in most areas. But what about HR decision making?

You no longer need to take HR decisions blindly, based on intuition and gut feeling. Bryq provides data support, based on proven I/O Psychology, for all your HR decision making – in hiring, growing and retaining talent.

Don’t try to effectively run a modern business based on antiquated practices. Embrace the Future of Work today, and give your company the competitive advantage it needs.

We are creating the Future of Work

and in the process we keep learning, iterating and improving. We are on a life-long trip of learning and discovery.

The Team

Markellos Diorinos
CEO & Co-Founder
Hassan Chahrour
CTO & Co-Founder
robert - round
Robert Sharkey
SVP, Sales

Advisors and Board of Directors

Guy Krief
Co-Founder & Member of the Board
Alex Vratskides
CEO Persado & Member of the Board
Allison Griggs Lee
Chief People Officer Persado & Advisor
George Saliaris-Fasseas
Investment Partner BigPi & Member of the Board
Thijn van Helvoirt
Venture Capital Investor at No Such Ventures