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Case Study: Persado

The Story of Persado

Persado is an AI Content Generation and Decisioning Platform used by businesses in fields including banking, finance, insurance, retail, telecommunications, and more. Persado’s Platform uses data science and experts in language to find the best way to communicate with their client’s customers – leading to a 41% increase in conversion across customer engagement channels.

Persado began working with Bryq in 2019 because the company needed a way for its Talent Acquisition Team to keep up with the rapidly growing number of new hires. With Persado globally growing at such a high pace, there was worry that bias would allow for the best talent to be overlooked in the process.

Since Persado has become a Bryq customer, they have successfully increased the diversity of their new hires, expedited the hiring and interviewing processes, and onboarded the best performing candidates for each of their open roles.

Persado currently has offices in Athens, London, Milan, New York, and Rome, and employs over 400 people in their hybrid workforce.

For every 1 employee hired without Bryq, Persado was able to hire 5 using Bryq's Talent Intelligence Software

One of Persado’s biggest hiring obstacles is high volume hiring – because of the rate the global company is growing. They are constantly needing to fill multiple positions at a fast pace to keep up with demand. Without Bryq, the hiring process took Persado longer, and the quality of shortlisted candidates was not meeting Persado’s standards.

Bryq sped up the hiring process by enabling Persado to hire 5 quality candidates for every 1 candidate hired without Bryq’s assessment results, insights, and data points. What does this mean in the long run? Persado didn’t have to choose quality over quantity, or vice versa. With Bryq, they get the best of both worlds.

Bryq increased Persado’s Gender Mix by nearly 119%

Bryq’s goal is to reduce as much bias in the hiring and interview processes as possible, allowing every candidate – regardless of age, race, gender, etc – to have a fair shot at each job opportunity. Without Bryq’s platform, Persado was hiring 2x more women, leading to a 42% match of gender mix between their hiring and initial talent pool.

After using Bryq to increase diversity and reduce unconscious bias, Persado was able to increase that gender mix to 92% by hiring 55% male and 45% women. Compare this to the 60% male and 40% women in their initial talent pool. By implementing Bryq’s assessment in the beginning of the hiring workflow, Persado was able to level out the playing field for all qualified candidates, making the hiring process the most equitable and streamlined as possible.

Candidates hired WITH BRYQ were 12.5% better matches in personality and cognitive ability than those hired WITHOUT

Using Bryq’s unique job performance formula, Persado was able to hire candidates that were almost 13% better fitting for the open roles, compared to the general US population. Persado’s new hires had a 21.3% higher cognitive ability match and a 3.7% higher personality trait match to Persado’s open positions.

Like finding a needle in a haystack, Bryq is able to sift through all the candidates for each open role – whether its 100 or 1000 – and carefully shortlist based on fit, not resumes.

Insights from Persado Leadership