eBook: Bryq's Big Culture Book

Company Culture. It’s one of the biggest topics circling within the World of HR – and rightfully so! Your company culture is making or breaking your business operations whether you realize it or not. But do we even know what company culture is? And if we do, how do we measure it?

While culture can be pretty tricky to understand, it can be easily defined as the beliefs and values of your business. These will shape your workplace, and if you get it right will lead to higher profits, better employee retention, and hiring better talent.

Bryq has put together this Big Culture eBook to help your company learn more about what culture is while helping you to discover what defines yours. You can start building upon your culture and making it stronger today!

Gain data-driven insights into the new normal of hiring:

This eBook includes:

Why Culture Matters

Company Growth

90% of employees feel that a distinct company culture is important to a company’s success. It shapes a company’s identity and furthers a company’s growth.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Your organizational culture will influence the way that both employees and the general public view your company. Talented job candidates want to work for companies whose culture matches their beliefs and values. 

Increased Profitability

Companies with a strong culture are four times more likely to see revenue growth according to Forbes, while companies without a strong culture experience 15% lower profitability.