Good Call Center Employees Provide Communicative Customer Service

Call center employees should be able to communicate well with customers while providing quality customer service and meeting company objectives. Bryq is able to find them without any effort. Quickly find workers you’re happy to make the face of your business.

Hire quickly - no matter how many roles you need to fill.

Whether you need to hire 10 or 10,000 employees, Bryq is able to help you recognize top candidates with lightning speed. Our talent intelligence ranks the best of the bunch and provides you with customized shortlists based on role match. There’s no need that’s too large for Bryq to help fill.

Find your most customer-ready candidates

Being able to provide excellent customer service is an important skill that not everybody has the potential to learn well. It’s important to employ those who will provide a great experience for your customers. The Bryq Sales & Customer Service Indicator is able to measure and recognize the qualities best suited for call center roles.

Assess candidates with sensible measures

Make sure your hiring process matches the role you’re hiring for. A call center candidate shouldn’t be assessed in the same way that a data analyst should. That’s why Bryq has created a series of different assessments to help aid employers in finding the right fit for their roles. The Bryq Express Assessment is an easy-to-do, 12-minute assessment specifically designed to assess hourly workers based on personality and cognitive abilities.