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High-Volume Hiring

Maximum Gains in Human Capital With Minimum Effort

Whether you’re hiring for 10 or 10,000 employees, Bryq allows you to find the best possible talent within your candidate pool at lightning speed.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality When Hiring in Quantity

When hiring a large number of employees, you can still focus on hiring the very best candidates with a process that’s backed by science. The Bryq Express Assessment is able to capture everything our standard assessment recognizes in candidates and apply it to an easy-to-take assessment specifically made for hourly workers in mind.

Say Goodbye to Resumes

We’re just going to say it – resumes aren’t great. They slow down the hiring process and allow for unconscious bias to take over. They are also unreliable in predicting future success. It’s time to stop reading between resume lines and focus on the raw talent right in front of you. Bryq talent intelligence identifies the best talent within your candidate pool based on science and skillset – all without having to look at a single resume.

Hire Thousands at High-Speed

A quick turnaround time when hiring for a large number of roles is essential. Getting the right people into the right roles is even more important. Bryq can improve your time-to-hire by 50% while improving job fit and diversity in an equitable talent management process. Nothing is stopping you from hiring 1,000 quality hires at lightning speed with Bryq.