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Hiring Tech Talent

Hiring Tech Talent

So you’ve found an exceptional coder. Great news! But how will they function as part of the team you are building? Coders at Microsoft, Apple and even here at Bryq use the same exact numbers and letters to build our products, but each of our missions, atmospheres, work styles and cultures are very unique to us and affect the overall success and longevity of an individual.

Skills Alone Aren’t Enough

You’d like your next programmer to have the skills, but would you mind if they were difficult to work with? Before you look into a candidate’s technical skills with necessary skill assessments, make sure that you’ve ensured that they are a good fit for the role first by comparing their values and beliefs to those of your organization and culture.

Skills Don’t Build Great Tech Companies - Culture Does

You know it’s true: hiring a great developer just isn’t enough. You need a great developer that will be a wonderful fit for your company. An exceptional tech worker will share the company goals that make your product or services unique and will show up to work excited for their next project. Bryq points you into the direction you need to go to find what you’re looking for.

“But There Aren’t Enough Candidates!”

Just one more reason to expand your search for the best talent! Solely relying on a small candidate pool in a specific geographic area limits you to a finite number of possible candidates. Why rely on a select few when there is both a national and global talent pool out there just waiting to be tapped into? The fear of culture clash and the uncertainty of hiring the wrong person for a role has been stopping you from making decisions that will revolutionize the way you manage talent. Armed with Bryq, you can now navigate the global talent pool to find the exact talent your company needs to succeed.