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Optimizing Sales Teams

Optimizing Sales Teams

When it comes to creating a great sales team, we tend to think of specific traits they all share. The best sales teams “collaborate”, they “invest in customer relationships” and they “never stop learning.” In theory, this all sounds great! But what makes a person a great performer from one company to the next can be wildly different. What makes a person an above average performer can come down to just a few simple traits that can be easily identified…if you know where to look.

Stop Wasting Time Trying to Describe the Right Salesperson

You might not realize it, but you’re using the wrong language to find the right candidates. Bryq gives you a reason to leave terms like “rockstar” and “ninja” out of your job descriptions for good. With our science-based talent insights, you’ll be able to pinpoint what actually makes an employee a top performer while helping your team find those exact traits in both new and existing candidates.

Let Good Data Be Your Guide

We don’t just give our best guess as to what a great salesperson is at Bryq – your performance data informs our model. Quota achievement, customer satisfaction scores, call times and performance ratings all feed our AI-assisted talent intelligence in order to build the most effective performance prediction platform ever.

Coach, Develop and Build Dream Teams

Hiring for performance is just one of the many benefits of using Bryq Talent Intelligence. Companies use Bryq to understand how to pair leaders with teams that are dynamically built to complement strengths and weaknesses while getting coaching, mobility and development insights that help keep your team engaged and on track.