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Bryq Included in Fosway 9-Grid™ For Talent Acquisition

Bryq Included in Fosway 9-Grid™ For Talent Acquisition

Bryq has been recognized as a Potential Challenger the 2022 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition

Bryq is proud to announce that we have entered the 2022 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition for the first time with “Potential Challenger” status!

This ranking follows two years of exceptional results with customers that have led to record growth for our company. Bryq is processing upwards of 100,000 candidates for our customers who are located in 27 countries and counting.

Bryq is the only AI-led talent intelligence platform that allows companies to look at who people are and what they are capable of – not just what they have already done professionally in the past. Through the use of artificial intelligence and validated psychometric data, Bryq is able to uncover hidden talent and recognize job fit in all incoming candidates no matter how many there are.

“Appearing in the Talent Acquisition 9-Grid™ is a great recognition of the impact we are creating for our customers – companies need to break free from legacy approaches in Talent Acquisition and Talent Intelligence, and Bryq helps them radically improve their results. Our continued investment in Talent Acquisition – with features such as culture matching, blind-screening, anonymization, and diversity reporting, as well as in Talent Insights – where we uniquely combine performance and organizational data into Machine Learning models to understand the unique performance for each company and department. With this, we will keep delivering the Future of Work for our customers – today.” said Markellos Diorinos, CEO and co-founder of Bryq.

Bryq has entered the Fosway Group's 9-Grid™ For Talent Acquisition as a Potential Challenger in 2022!
Bryq has made the Fosway Group’s 9-Grid™ for the first time as a “Potential Challenger” in the Talent Acquisition industry in 2022!

9-Grid™ is EMEA’s only market analysis model that is used as the industry standard for understanding the relevant position of services and providers in the Next Generation HR, Talent and Learning industries.

It has recognized Bryq as a “Potential Challenger” in the realm of Talent Acquisition. As defined by Fosway Group, being named a Potential Challenger means that Bryq “has solutions with capability across a wide functional range, but have limited customers (e.g. new entrants)” and that we possess “features, functions and innovation that makes [our product] noteworthy.”

The Fosway Group 9-Grid™ report for Talent Acquisition compares different HR solutions based on Performance, Potential, Market Presence, Total Cost of Ownership and Future Trajectories across the market. Their 2022 analysis of included vendors who have “matured in their sophistication and are helping organizations hiring digitally – and with great velocity – across the entire recruitment funnel.”

Bryq is proud to be a Potential Challenger to the industry – and a challenge you will get. We are excited to see how much further we grow in the year ahead and cannot wait to continue to help companies around the world create a better future for the workplace.

Click here to register with Fosway Group and download the full PDF report. If you’re wanting to see how Bryq does its magic in real time, our Customer Success Team is ready and waiting to show you a demo. Head over to our demo request page to book one today!

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