Logic Testing: Definition and Pre-Interview Benefits

If you’ve never considered implementing logic testing in your recruitment process, it’s about time you did. Logic testing is a valuable HR tool that can provide you with additional insights into how well a candidate may perform in a role. Find out how logical the person is and whether they have good reasoning abilities. Make better hires by adding logic testing into your hiring process.

What is Logic Testing?

Logic testing is the process of evaluating job candidates based on their non-verbal skills. They are a type of psychometric test that is often used by employers to help them make better hiring decisions and more accurately assess candidates’ capacity to perform the job. Essentially, logic testing is a way of measuring someone’s mental ability.

These types of tests may require respondents to decipher and maneuver numbers, patterns, and shapes. Logic testing can be altered to test a range of different targeted skills. For example, abstract reasoning, inductive reasoning, and diagrammatic reasoning all fall under the broad umbrella of logic testing.

Logic is a fundamental component of cognitive aptitude and is one that is required for almost every single role you will ever recruit for. Your staff need to be able to interpret and comprehend complex data and information every day on the job. Analysis and problem solving are essential to most roles in businesses these days. While these skills are often required for finance or technology roles, they are also widely applicable to many other positions.

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Benefits of Logic Testing

Quantifiable Data

Ever wished that there was a clear-cut answer as to whether your preferred candidate can perform in the position? With logic testing, you will receive quantifiable data on who has the abilities sought by the test. This gives you an indication of whether a candidate has the skills to fill the position you have available. If logical reasoning is essential in the job you’re hiring for, this will help you to make a better hiring decision.

Easily Compare Candidates

Comparing some candidates against each other can be like trying to compare apples and oranges – it can’t be done. Different people will bring their own unique skillset to the position you are advertising, so how could you ever know if one would be better than the other? That’s where logic tests can help you out. They give you data to easily compare candidates against each other and determine exactly who comes out on top.

Predict Job Performance

Logic testing can be an excellent predictor of job performance. As you are testing the individual on a skill that’s highly relevant to the job they are applying for, the results will give you a good indication of their future performance in the role. This can help you to be more confident when making your hiring decisions.

Candidate Abilities

As the logic testing will show which areas a candidate performs well on, you can test candidates for specific abilities. For example, find out how able they are to adopt a system-wide approach to problem-solving and how well they can identify the underlying reasons for the actions of others. You can now assess candidates on abilities that you may have never been able to before.

Improve Retention

When you hire people who have the capabilities to perform in the role they were hired to do, they will likely have far more job satisfaction. People enjoy being in positions where they can not only complete their duties but be extremely productive. For that reason, logic testing can help to improve retention at your company. By helping you to hire the right people the first time around, logic testing can boost organizational productivity and reduce your turnover rate when it is made a permanent part of your recruitment process.

How to Add Logic Testing Pre-interview

If you’re thinking of implementing logic testing in your hiring process, you will be pleased to know that it can be extremely easy to put into place. Here’s how:

Choose a Provider

When choosing a provider for your logic testing, you will want to select a company that specializes in cognitive aptitude tests. The best providers will be able to personalize each assessment for the position you’re hiring for. Each role has different requirements, and you will require various logical reasoning abilities from the candidates for each one.

Online Testing

Another crucial thing to look for in your logic testing is to find one that can be done online. In this world we are in where remote interviews are the norm, you can’t expect people to attend pre-employment testing in person. Plus, being able to send someone the logic test online means far less time spent on administration for you.


Once you have conducted your normal candidate screening process and are ready to shortlist, you can decide who you want to perform logic testing on. Many companies will create a shortlist of three to interview. However, for logic testing, you may want to add in a few more candidates. This gives you the chance to screen extra applicants without any extra effort from you.

Shortlist for Interview

Once you have the results of the logic testing, you will be well-placed to decide on who is worth interviewing. You may be surprised how much more information a logic test can provide you with as opposed to just a CV and cover letter. Resumes are highly subjective, whereas logic tests provide you with hard facts that are relevant to the available position. Don’t be concerned if your expected shortlist for interview changes based on these results – the whole idea is that these tests can help you to make better hiring decisions.

If you want to hire excellent staff who have the right abilities for the position in question, then you need to add logic testing into your recruitment process. You can see for yourself how productivity and job satisfaction soar when you make great hiring decisions the first time around.

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