Talent management really is a science.

Bryq is an AI talent intelligence platform that enables companies to acquire, develop, analyze and match talent through science, psychology and objectivity.

Cognitive skills, Personality Traits, Validity, Reliability, The Holland Codes, OCEAN and the Big 5 – these are all things that Bryq deals with so that you do not have to.

What Makes Someone a Good Fit for a Role?

Hint: it’s not what they did in their last role. Research shows that past work experience isn’t a great predictor of future performance. Yet hiring managers still rely on resumes. We developed Bryq Talent Intelligence based on psychometrics and trusted science in order to provide deeper insight into the inner-workings of your candidates – allowing you to make objective decisions based on how well somebody would fit into any given role.

Objectively assessing candidates

To get reliable results, you need reliable inputs.

Our own assessment has been built from the ground up to provide a great candidate experience – while collecting reliable data that has been proven to be a great predictor of performance.

We never think in absolutes – this is why there are no pass or fail grades. We do look at cognitive skills and personality as a continuum – and we help map each person to requirements to understand their fit for a specific role.

Personality Traits

Bryq is based on established theories of Industrial / Organizational Psychology that have been thoroughly vetted, verified, and tested over time. We know how we measure, but we also know why these are valid and accurate predictors for job performance. Bryq uses a precise combination of the 16 Personality Factors, Holland Codes (RIASEC) and the Big 5 “OCEAN” Personality Traits in order to pinpoint the exact talent you’re looking for.

Benefits of Bryq

When you make data-driven, science-backed decisions, you reap the rewards that come with them. By using our talent intelligence, you’ll recognize and eliminate performance gaps, maxime unexplored potential in your employees, measure and enrich your company culture, and reduce misaligned hires.

Hit your targets, build stronger teams, and win the war on talent with Bryq AI Talent Intelligence.