Pathmonk: Amplify Relatable Content to Gain Ideal Website Traffic | Interview with Markellos Diorinos from Bryq

Sustainability and having an environmentally-friendly company are the keys to success in 2022

Interview: Amplify Relatable Content to Gain Ideal Website Traffic

What’s the strongest foundation of a successful company? It’s employees! Bryq CEO Markellos Diorinos sits down with Pathmonk’s Lukas Haensch to discuss how building the right team with happy, engaged, and productive employees are key.

Markellos and Lukas go on to explore how the right content can drive more brand awareness and increase overall leads for any company, especially growing startups like Bryq. Going forward, Bryq’s goal is to not only increase organic traffic through relatable content but turn that traffic into active leads.

Bryq’s Talent Intelligence Solution allows companies to make better, faster, and more diverse hiring and talent management decisions – all while eliminating bias.

Check out Bryq’s interview with Pathmonk below:

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