6 Easy recruitment marketing strategies to improve hiring


Recruitment is like its own form of marketing. It’s all about promoting your brand and your services to potential clients and applicants. That’s right, it’s not only about getting clients. Making great talent aware of your job openings is just as important. All the best recruiters know that to attract the right talent, they need to develop some solid recruitment marketing strategies.

Recruitment Marketing Strategies


1. Brand Awareness

Having a strong brand identity can be a massive help to your recruitment marketing. To many applicants, all recruitment companies will look much the same. You need to stand out to get noticed.

Employer branding takes time and commitment. You need to decide on who you want to be as a brand and stick to it. Will you be funny, friendly, trustworthy?

Most job applicants will research you before applying for a role. You need to consider what you want them to find out when they do this.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As most jobs are now applied for online, ranking on search engines is crucial for attracting talent. You need to come up in search results when they are searching for jobs that you offer.

You can do this through search engine optimization (SEO). That’s the process of using keywords and terms on your site so that you get near the top of search results. Recruiters may find it useful to focus on keywords that are related to the industry they employ people in.

Consider what terms people may search when they are looking for a job like the ones you have to offer. This may be ‘engineering jobs’ or ‘how to get a receptionist job’ – it will vary by industry. SEO is one of the best recruitment marketing strategies because it helps you stay competitive.

3. Meet with The Team Page

What’s on your website is of critical importance to recruitment. As mentioned, many applicants will look you up before applying for a job. That includes looking at your website.

One thing people are always interested in is what types of people they would be working with in the role. That’s why adding a meet with the team page to your website can be useful.

This is a page where you can add pictures and bios for your current employees. Give job applicants an idea of who you are as a team and individuals. You can make this as formal or relaxed as you like. Perhaps you’ll choose to include how long each of you has been at the company, or how many pets you each have. By letting your audience get to know you, you are starting to build trust.

4. Mobile Recruiting

Another choice for recruitment marketing strategies is mobile recruiting. More people than ever are now browsing for jobs online. This is a massive target market that you don’t want to miss out on for your roles. Allow people to easily apply for your jobs online, even from their mobile.

This can be done with a one-click application form. When someone clicks ‘apply’, they can be taken to an application form to fill out. Then they just click ‘submit’ and it’s done. This is the simplest way to apply for jobs on a mobile phone.

You also want all your careers pages and job descriptions to be optimized for mobile. Enabling people to read these on their mobile may result in more great candidates for you.

5. Social Network Recruitment

Using social networks to promote your brand can be greatly beneficial for you as a recruiter. You may not have considered using social media as a recruitment tool, but it is an immensely powerful one.

LinkedIn has long been thought of as the main social network to use for recruitment. However, don’t forget about other networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and others. They are all good for targeting different demographics and types of people.

Ensure that on any social media you use, your information is always up to date. If you’re going to put your brand out there, you want it to look good. If you start using Facebook, for example, commit to it and post regularly.

6. Employee Referrals

One of the best ways to find new talent is to ask your current talent. People won’t usually recommend someone that they wouldn’t hire themselves. If that person does well it makes them look good.

By asking your staff for referrals of people they think would be good for a role, you can tap into a market of passive candidates. These people may not be actively job searching but could have the specific skills you’re looking for.

Just ensure that you are specific about the skills and abilities you are seeking when you ask for referrals.

Why not let yourself experiment and try out different recruitment marketing strategies? You never know what’s going to work until you try it. So, allow yourself to think outside the box and try some new ideas.


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