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The ultimate matchmaker
between employers
and talent.

Whether you want to employ talented candidates or promote employees internally, Bryq perfectly pairs capable talent with the right role through science-backed talent matching.

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    Talent Management with Bryq

    Make faster, better, data-supported talent management decisions when hiring, growing and retaining talent.

    Gather never-before-seen
    talent insights

    HR professionals equipped with Bryq can:

    • Predict candidate job performance using personality and cognitive insights gathered by the Bryq Assessment.
    • Screen for specific skills like leadership potential or remote work ability with Bryq Indicators. Work with our team to create a set of company-custom indicators unique to your job roles, or utilize those provided by Bryq.
    • Measure how incoming candidates align to your own Company’s Culture, via our customizable Culture Add indicator

    Hire talent, not resumes

    Having a hard time finding the talent you need? Maybe it’s because you’re looking at what people have done, rather than who people are. Ethical AI-assisted Talent Acquisition based on I-O Psychology includes:

    • Optimized Role Profiles analyzes the traits that make top performers successful in their jobs and sets these qualities as the job role benchmark.
    • Candidate Results allows HR professionals can explore candidate results together at a glance. Connect your ATS and this information seamlessly appears once the Bryq assessment is sent to applicants and marked as complete.
    • Performance Predictions are easy and comprehensible thanks to the Bryq Score. The higher the Bryq score – the more likely a candidate is to succeed within the respective role.
    • Unlimited Assessments that not only save you time but also boost Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in your hiring.
    • Side-by-side Comparisons allow HR professionals to cross-compare and review selected candidates’ scores, strengths, and weaknesses in detail.
    • Blind-Screening Anonymity blurs personally identifiable information and increases objectivity by combatting subjective feelings of bias or favoritism.
    • Structured Interviews keep this phase of the hiring process objective and fair by providing a set of predetermined questions to ask each candidate regarding their specific strengths and weaknesses.

    Placing talent within the
    perfect role

    hether you’re looking to promote an employee or want to see whether an employee might be suited for a better role, Bryq reduces time to hire and enables internal mobility with the following features:

    • External Talent Matching provides recruiters with recommendations for up to 6 vacant roles a given candidate is deemed a good fit for.
    • Internal Talent Matching takes current employees and recommends vacant roles within your organization they would succeed in, based on their potential, skills, and work competencies.

    Uncover hidden abilities and build better teams

    With the following features, Bryq gathers the talent insights you need to make the right talent management decisions quickly and easily without sacrificing quality:

    • Talent Insights offer HR professionals a detailed report of an individual’s cognitive and personality scores upon completion of a Bryq Assessment.
    • 9-Box Talent Mobility Feature is an interactive internal mobility enabling tool that helps employers develop learning and development initiatives, showcases top performers in current and hypothetical role scenarios, and identifies employees that should seek out new careers (whether that is at your company or another company).
    • Team Insights Feature gives HR decision-makers an overhead view of each employee’s unique work style in relation to their teams.

    Help employees grow with
    your company

    Sometimes there’s just no need to start hiring from scratch when you already have access to the best talent pool available to you – your existing employees. Encourage employee growth and development, non-linear career paths, and career planning with the following Bryq features:

    • Employee Strengths and Weaknesses are gathered by the Bryq assessment and made available for employees to review within the Employee Portal.
    • Employee Improvement Areas provides data on specific soft skills employees can further develop to increase overall job performance.

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