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Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Hire talent, not resumes.

Are you having a hard time finding the talent you need? Maybe it’s because you’re looking at what people have done, rather than who people are. Prioritize talent acquisition with the help of talent intelligence.

Bryq can uncover hidden talent and will rank all incoming candidates – whether 5 or 500 – based on fit for the role and fit for your company.

Prioritizing talent acquisition will not only drastically reduce your time to hire and increase your interview-to-hire ration, but will also increase performance and reduce churn in your new employees.

Ethical AI-assisted Talent Acquisition based on I-O Psychology

What defines a specific role will vary from company to company. The same goes for how candidates will interpret what a role entails based on its title.

Our AI can define the ideal candidate profile based on your unique job description and I-O Psychology science – tailored just for you with Bryq. And in doing so we go to great lengths to not impact any of the protected classes – ensuring reduced bias and more ethical decisions.

Our industry-leading assessment experience will objectively measure your candidate profile in as little as 10 minutes.

We X-Ray every candidate so you can have structured interviews

Bryq is able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of every candidate – as well as how they compare to their peers, making it easier for you to ask the right questions when you interview them.

Use our behavioral interview questions to understand candidate weakness and how these areas may impact the candidate so that you can have well-structured interviews on the subjects that matter most in the talent acquisition process.

Hire for Culture

Your company is unique, and so is every current or future employee you might hire. Only Bryq allows you to understand how employees align with your unique Cultural Pillars. We help improve your talent acquisition strategies through culture mapping, helping you to identify the candidates who will strengthen your current team and add to your company culture.

5x faster hiring

We rank your candidates based on their assessment score and job fit, giving you customized shortlists of the best candidates of the bunch. Whether you are hiring a few missing key employees or practicing high-volume hiring to fill a large number of roles, Bryq is able to assess any number of candidates at lightning-speed.


Looking to implement an equitable hiring process? Your ability to blind-screen candidates with Bryq allows you to base your decision on objective data rather than gut feeling – putting an emphasis on diversity and inclusion throughout your hiring process.

Our anonymization feature helps eliminate unconscious bias throughout your talent acquisition strategies – so a candidate’s background is never considered when assessing them, only their merits are.