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Diversity & Inclusion

More Than Buzzwords

Diversity isn’t a trend. It’s an investment in the people running our businesses to ensure equity, equality and a safe work environment for all.

Opportunities to Grow for Every Employee

Our research at Bryq shows that the #1 reason employees leave their jobs is because they want better advancement and growth opportunities – and this is 70% more likely to happen among employees of color. Bryq ensures that every internal candidate is assessed fairly and in the same way as everybody else is based on their personality traits and cognitive ability.

No Bias with Blind-Screening

Kick bias to the curb throughout your talent management process. Our anonymization feature allows you to blind-screen candidates, eliminating any personally identifiable information about a candidate that’s irrelevant to the role at hand. This feature also allows you to assess internal candidates fairly and equally for higher roles without any sort of favoritism involved.


Custom Interview Guides for a Fair Process

Interviews without structure can lead to biased questions, throwing your hiring process into chaos. Bryq provides employers with customized interview guides for each candidate that ensure that you ask employees the right questions based on their individual weak spots.