Not Just A Hiring Tool

Bryq is a great tool in helping employers find exceptional new talent, but did you know that many of our customers also use our AI-assisted talent intelligence in order to promote from within their existing talent pool of employees?

Place Existing Talent Into the Right Roles

Whether you’re looking to promote an employee or wanting to see whether an employee might be suited for a better role, Bryq is able to make sure you place the right talent into the right roles. With the help of artificial intelligence, we are able to see whether or not a candidate is right for the job based on their personality traits and cognitive skills.

Reduce Employee Churn and Slash Attrition

Our research shows that the main reason workers are leaving their current roles is due to a lack of opportunity and growth within their organizations. Bryq is a valuable tool in making it easy for existing employees to demonstrate how well they would fit into a higher role while giving them easy access to new opportunities and career development. If you’re looking to slow attrition, Bryq is your best bet.

Equitable Opportunities for All

Diverse workers are often overlooked for promotions at work due to unconscious bias. Our research shows that while Black workers are 70% more likely than white workers to leave their roles to advance their career growth, white workers were the least likely of any race to leave for lack of opportunity. Bryq allows us to base our promotions on who employees are and what they are capable of, not their race, gender or any other personally identifiable information irrelevant to the role – creating a more diverse and equitable process.