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Speed up your hiring process by 500%

Time is of the essence when hiring new employees. It may very well be the difference between them working for you or going with your competitor. Quickly onboard the best talent with Bryq.

Find Talent with Lightning Speed

Our AI-assisted talent intelligence allows you to find the best talent match for a role in real-time. As their assessment results pour in, a customized shortlist is created so that employers can instantly see who the very best candidates are within their talent pool.

Easy Implementation Means No Wasted Time

The Bryq talent assessments are easy to implement into your current hiring process and is a useful tool in ensuring a faster time-to-hire. Bryq talent intelligence seamlessly integrates into many major ATS and HRIS systems so you don’t have to waste any time finding the right talent.

Benefits of Short Time-to-Hire

A short and uncomplicated time-to-hire signals an efficient and effective recruitment process. It raises candidate satisfaction and starts new employees off on the right foot. By focusing on the right candidates, you are saving time and hiring costs that might be spent on candidates who aren’t a good talent match for the role. A short time-to-hire is a winning scenario for everybody.