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Uncovering Talent

Unearth Hidden Talent

Bryq can help you explore hidden talent both inside and outside of your organization that will not only succeed in a role, but will advance your company culture to the next level. 

Compare Candidate Strengths and Weaknesses

Objectively compare the strengths and weaknesses of your top candidates in a user-friendly talent intelligence platform. Explore strengths within candidates both you and your candidate might not even realize are there. Utilize and leverage new discoveries to help grow both a candidate’s career development and your company.

Hiring Science You Can Trust

Bryq’s AI-assisted talent intelligence is based on over 70 years of I-O psychological research. Define your ideal candidate using our AI Profile Prediction that is tailored just for you and your hiring needs. Our candidate-approved assessment experience provides you important insights and data analytics into your candidates in as little as ten minutes.

Prioritize Culture Through ‘Culture Add’

When looking to advance your current company culture, it’s important to try to find workers whose values not only align with those of the company, but will also build upon the weak spots within your culture. Our “Culture Add” Indicator allows you to benchmark your current company culture and find talent who can add value to your organization.