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Prioritize culture and build teams that are more than just the sum of their parts.

It’s important to hire individual employees who are fully capable of performing their jobs – but ensuring they all work well together and alongside the company is an even bigger challenge. Bryq is able to assess similarities and differences between cultural values throughout your entire company. This prevents “culture clashes” from happening and allows you to see the gaps in your culture that need improvement.

Company Culture is important for every business.

What is Culture?

“Company culture” has never been as important to companies as it is right now – but do most of us even know what company culture is? Culture definitely isn’t about an office smoothie bar or foosball tables – but it is not about engagement surveys or focus groups either. Culture can be simply defined as the shared beliefs between a company and its employees.

Don't Just Hire Talent That "Fit" - Hire Talent That Adds Something More

The way we go about hiring for culture isn’t black or white. There’s a difference between hiring employees who already fit into your current company culture and hiring employees who are going to build upon the culture you already have. Once you’ve identified your cultural values and “cultural pillars” that support your company, it’s time to start hiring to build your culture to higher peaks.

Bryq’s Culture Indicator allows you to compare every candidate and every employee against your cultural values to ensure every person gets you closer to your target Culture.