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When it comes to diversity, it’s easy to try to focus on solutions to diversity problems – but what about the root issues causing them? In order to ensure a workplace of equity and inclusion, you need to implement a holistic approach to solving deeper diversity problems at your company.

The 9 Dimensions of Diversity




Sexual Orientation






DEI & Compliance

With New York City implementing a new “AI Bias Law,” locations across the globe are following suit by creating new laws that prevent artificial intelligence from increasing bias within the hiring and talent mobility process. By auditing your hiring tools for bias and following legal obligations like the Four-Fifths Rule, you’ll be complying with these upcoming laws. Learn more about the NYC AI Bias Law here.

NYC is implementing a new law in 2023 that will change the way we use AI tools and police bias.
DEI means everyone is equal, regardless of physical or mental disabilities

Benefits of Diversity

Of course, the main reason we want to build upon diversity at our companies is because it’s simply the right thing to do. But by striving for diversity, equity and inclusion, we also reap the benefits of applying DE&I strategies. Diverse workplaces lead to higher engagement, more productivity, and even larger profits.


Unconscious bias begins with your first glance of a resume. Stop reading between resume lines to find the right fit and assess candidates on anonymous, objective data by blind-screening them.
Blind-screening involves hiding personal identifiable information within the hiring process that does not relate to a role. This might include gender, race, age, name, or even education level. We provide a blind and equitable screening process so you can focus on finding capable talent while improving upon diversity.

Person with disability, at work

Anonymized Shortlist

Bryq ranks candidates based on their skills and what they are capable of – not by their resumes or personally identifiable information such as location, age, race, or gender. We create shortlists based on skill and personality alone. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 candidates, you’ll know exactly which candidates should make the cut based on their skill sets.

Interview Guides

Traditional interviews are unstructured and are proven to be biased and ineffective. Bryq’s detailed candidate reports paired with custom interview guides catered to each candidate help you understand every single one of their strengths and weaknesses.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko, Interview Guide Job Interview