How Bryq Measures Culture

Bryq’s approach in measuring Culture in time-proven in I/O psychology but unique in the Talent Intelligence space.

Our in-house I/O psychologists will analyze your cultural pillars and propose a mapping between them and the personality traits that Bryq measures – along with the behaviors that we’d expect individuals to exhibit.

Once this mapping is reviewed and adjusted – typically with representantives from the Senior Leadership Team – a unique indicator for your company’s Culture is created within Bryq, that can be henceforth used to evaluate Cultural affinity for new and existing employees.

How Do We Change Our Cultures for the Better?

So your culture needs to change, but how do you go about it? There are two main ways: Culture Fit and Culture Add. While hiring candidates that fit into your existing culture has its benefits, hiring employees who will build upon and improve weaker parts of your culture is a great hiring strategy. That’s why Bryq has created a Culture Add Indicator to gauge how candidates would impact your organization’s culture if hired.

What is Culture?

Culture is the key to a successful business, yet so many companies don’t fully understand what it means or how to measure it.

Put simply, culture is defined by the shared values and beliefs of both your company and your employees. It’s never been more important to hire with culture in mind – and Bryq helps you do just that. By analyzing your cultural values and recognizing these values in talent