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Talent Matching

Talent Matching

Bryq - the ultimate matchmaker between employers and talent.

Whether you want to employ talented candidates or promote employees internally, Bryq perfectly pairs capable talent with open positions through science-backed talent matching.

Ensure that your open roles are filled with the right talent every time – no matter the source.

Internal mobility - reimagined

Break the barriers of roles and skills – and start providing employees with the career options that they crave. You no longer need elaborate skill taxonomies to guide you – our I/O Psychology based AI can help you uncover whole new possibilities.

Discover the best talent pool you have access to - your existing employees

A smart way to fill talent gaps at your company is to let talent matching fill them from within. You already know what your employees are capable of. Encourage internal mobility by giving employees a chance to develop their talents in roles they are likely to excel in.

Talent Matching: Your Decision Support System For Talent

Talent matching takes care of your talented employees throughout their full lifecycle – from hiring to eventual retiring. Bryq’s Talent Intelligence will assist you to make better decisions all along the way.