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The Bryq Assessment

The Bryq Assessment

The Standard Edition

The Standard assessment is Bryq’s default assessment for most positions. It’s best used for open positions where the importance of personality traits slightly outweighs cognitive ability.

The Standard Assesment Breakdown

Time to complete: 20 minutes

Cognitive Questions: 30

Personality Questions: 64

Best Used for: Open roles where specific skills will be tested via another assessment or in person, later in the interview process.

In this assessment, candidates will help various managers complete a variety of tasks in areas such as design, finance, business, logistics, and more.

The Express Edition

Bryq created the Express assessment specifically for employers looking to hire frontline and hourly/wage workers. What makes the Express assessment different from Bryq’s other assessments?

The Express Assesment Breakdown

Time to complete: 12 minutes

Cognitive Questions: 20

Personality Questions: 48

Best Used for: Jobs where cognitive ability isn’t as crucial as personality traits.

The Express assessment provides the most useful candidate results for customer-facing jobs, including (but not limited to): cashiers, retail workers, hospitality workers, shipping and merchandising associates, warehouse workers, and more.

The Extended Edition

The most detailed assessment Bryq has is the Extended Assessment, which is best used for high-level positions when cognitive skills are quite important and there will be no additional assessment. The Extended version has almost twice as many questions and offers both better accuracy and better resolution.

The Extended Assesment Breakdown

Time to complete: 45 minutes

Cognitive Questions: 54

Personality Questions: 64

Best Used for: High-level positions where cognitive skills are quite important.

Candidates will help the Chief Executive Officer, Senior Director of Productions, Manager of Artist Relations, Financial Controller, and General Counselor complete a variety of tasks in areas such as design, finance, business, logistics, and more.