Diversity eWorkbook: Black History Month

Hello readers! We hope that you have been enjoying our content this month and that you all have taken appropriate measures to acknowledge Black History Month.

On behalf of the Bryq Team, we want to remind you that Black history is American history and that your diversity and inclusion efforts should happen not just in February but every day of the year.

Click the download button below for full access to our Black History Month eWorkbook containing a short history of Black History Month, a deep dive into DEIB, recommended reading of literature and Bryq content focused on race and diversity, a tribute to some of our favorite Black business leaders, and much more!

Learn more about Black History Month and why it's so important to acknowledge it. Get a deeper understanding of DEIB and discover ways you can foster an inclusive workplace.

Our Black History Month eWorkbook includes recommended reading as well as hands-on activities including:

… and more!