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eBook: The State of Hiring – What Candidates Want in 2022

eBook: The State of Hiring - What Candidates Want in 2022

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that the workforce can be anything but predictable. Between COVID-19 and the Great Resignation, the way we source and manage talent has had to pivot and adapt to change in order for our companies to be successful. While some things remain unpredictable, the future of the workplace and the ever-changing needs of candidates are crystal clear.

Bryq has conducted research based on the EEOC survey responses of over 25,000 candidates in order to learn more about the needs of candidates, the reasons they are leaving their current roles, what they’re looking for in their next roles, and what the future holds for remote work in a new era of the workplace.

Download our latest eBook ‘The State of Hiring: What Candidates Want in 2022’ to learn more about what candidates are saying they need and how they currently view the workplace and remote work – straight from the source.

Learn how to better manage your talent and gain a competitive insight into the needs of candidates and employees based on real survey data conducted by Bryq.

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This eBook includes:

… and more!

Highlights in Our Research

Remote Work Rules

There has been a 22% increase in candidates looking for remote work in the past year.

Growth Outweighs Salary

Our research shows that Opportunity for Growth means more to candidates than salary does.

Inequalities Between Races

Black workers were 70% more likely than white workers to leave their jobs for better advancement opportunities.