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Bryq to Attend Sold-Out Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal

Bryq to Attend Sold-Out Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal


Bryq to Attend Sold-Out Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal

To Take Place November 1-4, 2022


ST. PETERSBURG, Florida, U.S. – Thursday, October 27th, 2022 — Bryq, the AI Talent Intelligence platform, will be attending the 2022 Web Summit event in Lisbon, Portugal between November 1st and November 4th, 2022. Bryq will be giving live demos of the Bryq talent intelligence platform at Booth E455 in Pavilion 4.

Web Summit, which is expected to bring together over 70,000 people redefining the global tech industry, is one of the largest and most recognized conferences in the world. Attendees will come together to listen to a collection of expert speakers and familiarize themselves with some of today’s leading global technology companies.

Bryq is looking forward to connecting with attendees and inspiring them to put a clear focus on objective data throughout the talent management process through talent intelligence. With new features like our product dashboard and our 9-box model, Bryq has created an enhanced version of our talent intelligence solution that companies are using for things like talent acquisition, talent matching and overall talent management.

To celebrate the 2,000+ startups attending the event, Bryq will be announcing a special plan specifically catered to startup companies wanting to implement the Bryq solution into their talent management strategy. Building teams from the ground up can be hard, but Bryq helps companies build teams that are more than just the sum of their parts.

Bryq is a remote-first organization with hubs in St. Petersburg (FL, US), Oxford (UK) and Athens (GR). Learn more about Bryq’s award-winning AI-led talent intelligence platform at https://bryq.com/


About Bryq

The Bryq Talent Intelligence platform is built upon who people are and what they are capable of, not just what they have done professionally in the past.

From hiring to retiring, Bryq is able to help companies make faster and smarter talent management decisions. By combining psychometrics with existing HR data (such as performance, organization, etc.), Bryq provides insights to support decisions in hiring, growing and retaining talent.

Bryq Talent Intelligence acts as the perfect platform to help companies get to where they want to be. Join us in building the future of work – Bryq by Bryq.

Learn more at www.bryq.com 



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